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Keyboards. Amplifiers. Speakers. Guitar amps. Clarinets. Trumpets. Trombones. Equalizers. Violins. If it makes noise, we can fix it. Morrison Brothers Music has three full-time repair shops located in-house, providing convenient and comprehensive musical repair services right in the heart of Mississippi.

Our experienced technicians have decades of experience in repairing electronic and acoustic instruments, and bring a wealth of knowledge to their benches. In some cases, we've fixed the unfixable, so if it's broken or acting funny, bring it by and we'll give it all we've got.

Basic Repair Information

What We Fix: We repair all manner of guitars, keyboards, amplification equipment, recording equipment, band horns, and string instruments. In some cases, we do need to send gear away to the manufacturer or an authorized service center; if so, you will receive a call from our repair manager. We do have a full-time guitar luthier on staff for restoration or modification of acoustic and vintage guitars.

Please note: we do not repair stereos, turntables, CD players, or other consumer electronics.

What to Do: Local customers can bring gear in and check it in at the front counter. You'll fill out a work order, and leave your instrument with us. If requested, our repair manager will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate on time and cost, as well as any shipping that needs to be done.

Non-local customers can ship their gear to ...

Morrison Brothers Music
Attn: Repair Department
888 Avery Blvd.
Ridgeland, MS 39157

Please pack your instrument or equipment well to avoid shipping damage, as Morrison Brothers Music is not responsible for damage incurred in transit.

Warranty Repair: Morrison Brothers Music provides warranty repairs for most of the brands we carry. If your instrument is under warranty, bring us a copy of your sales receipt as proof, and if the damage or defect is covered by the manufacturer, you will incur no charges.

Morrison Brothers Music does provide priority service to our customers - if you bought something here and it exhibits a warranty-related defect, we'll put your gear at the front of the line with all other instruments purchased here.


For all non-warranty repairs, the following rates apply

  • $85 / hour labor plus parts for electronics repair; min. 1 hour
  • $45 / hour labor plus parts on small electronics (guitar pedals, direct boxes, etc.); min. 1 hour
  • Rates for guitar and band instrument repairs vary per job -- you can request a quote when you sign your instrument in
  • Shipping charges apply for all parts, or in instances where gear needs to be shipped away for service

Service Warranty: Morrison Brothers Music warrants all repairs for 30 days after the instrument is picked up or received via courier. If the instrument or equipment is demonstrating the same problem as before, we'll fix it for free.

Featured Service: Vintage Amp Restoration

There's nothing like the sound of vintage tube guitar amplifiers. Manufacturers know this, and have been releasing "vintage reissues" at budget prices to take advantage of the quest for vintage tone. But some fall short, and many substitute cheap parts for the rugged, gig-worthy construction of their vintage predecessors.

At Morrison Brothers, we take pride in our vintage guitar amp restoration. We can revive an old amp that may seem to have seen the end and turn it into something that sounds good as new. We replace tubes, cabling, and all other electronic parts -- even re-coning speakers when needed -- and vigorously test each amp we work on, and the results can be seen (well, heard) on stages all over the South.



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